Lorenzo Protocol Integrates With Cosmos Hub To Launch Appchain Secured By ATOM

25 Mar 2024

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Lorenzo Protocol Integrates With Cosmos Hub To Launch Appchain Secured By ATOM

Lorenzo Protocol is integrating with Cosmos Hub to bring the power of Bitcoin liquid restaking to the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond.

How Cosmos Hub Protects Lorenzo

Cosmos Hub is a crucial component of the Cosmos ecosystem, providing a central point of connection and communication between different blockchains, or “appchains,” within the network. Cosmos Hub can help protect our appchain, which is an EVM, in several ways:

Interchain Security

The Cosmos Hub can enhance our appchain’s security through its Interchain Security feature, a distinct capability within the Cosmos ecosystem. This feature allows a parent chain, like the Cosmos Hub, to secure child chains like Lorenzo. It is facilitated by enabling the validators of the parent chain to also validate and secure transactions on the child chains. Through Interchain Security, appchain can achieve a high level of security without the need to attract its own validators, since compromising our security would also require breaching the Cosmos Hub’s security.

IBC Protocol

The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) is a crucial aspect of the Cosmos ecosystem, enabling secure communication and asset transfer between different blockchains, thus mitigating the risk of isolated attacks on Lorenzo chain.

Governance and Upgrades

The Cosmos Hub’s decentralized governance system allows stakeholders to propose and vote on network upgrades and changes. Participation in the Cosmos ecosystem allows appchain to leverage this governance model, ensuring timely implementation of security upgrades and patches across the network.

Adopting BTC Shared Security With Cosmos

Once the Babylon mainnet goes live, enabling BTC shared security with Cosmos and facilitating restaking to Babylon for Lorenzo stakers could be pursued through several approaches. Notable elements of this transition include:

Integration with Cosmos

It’s crucial to ensure that our Cosmos EVM chain is fully compatible with the Babylon protocol. This will entail incorporating the required modules or smart contracts to establish communication with the Babylon chain and comply with its staking and security protocols.

Coordination with Babylon Control Plane

Effective collaboration with the Babylon chain’s control plane is essential to align security information, staking data, and other pertinent details between Lorenzo chain and Babylon’s. This coordination is vital to ensure the seamless implementation and ongoing maintenance of the shared security model.

Pioneering Secure Blockchain Networks Together

Lorenzo Protocol is driving innovation in blockchain interoperability and security. This ATOM-secured appchain and the introduction of bitcoin liquid restaking mark significant strides towards a unified, secure ecosystem.

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